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Prior to mint on October 28, 4:20PM UTC, members of the community can confirm a Puff Puff Panda will be available for them to purchase by confirming their minting wallet address on premint.xyz/puffpuffpandas. This list of confirmed minters, known as our “greenlist,” will have a 24-hour period to purchase their NFT from puffpuffpandas.io.

Greenlisted members of the community will be allowed to mint 2x Puff Puff Pandas for 0.11 ETH. Greenlisted minters automatically double their airdrop allocation from 420 $PUFFS to 840 $PUFFS, and can be increased further through completing activities through pandas.crew3.xyz/questboard.

On October 29, 4:20PM UTC, the Puff Puff Pandas mint will be open to the public on puffpuffpandas.io, but only the remaining supply will be available to mint for 0.15 ETH.